What do 50 minutes and 6 seconds have in common?

Facebook announced last year that users spend an average of fifty minutes each day on their Facebook, Instagram and Messenger platforms.

 Fifty Minutes. What else could you do with that time? I could bake a carrot cake, ride my bike 20 miles, do one million push ups... Well, not really, but you get the point.

Of course many companies are taking advantage of this marvelous fact and some of it is really corporate yuck. We've all seen Facebook posts that look like used car ads. Case in point – I give you Exhibit A:


This can be a real turn-off when you are scrolling through, drinking coffee in bed and making sure you find out about the amazing dinner your friend Sally had last night.  Smile.

Nevertheless, 1.18 billion people are out there waiting for you to connect –1 billion people - you cannot miss this boat. Here are some steps to make sure your ad rises above the noise.  And remember – you have exactly 6 seconds to get them to click. READY SET…GO!

1.     The visual must speak to your audience - clear and loud. Photo quality matters and it is ok if you take it with your cell phone. That is expected on Instagram. Make sure you brush up on some tips and nobody does it better than National Geographic –so check out the advice that they have to offer.

2.     Speak on the proper platform in the correct language. If your target market includes baby boomers – 90% of them are on Facebook while 25% of millennials prefer Instagram. It's tempting to put the same post on both but they will ignore your generic content.

3.     The ad needs to be relevant. Hyper-target your audience demographically and psychographically. Yeah – those aren’t words but you know what I’m getting at here. The tools are amazing - use em!

4.     Have an enticing offer and throw in a unique value proposition. Just showcasing your product won't stand out. Your goal is for them to hear your voice and connect with your brand.

5.     Have a strong call to action and a window. “Get” is a good word to use – along with time limits.

In the spirit of Facebook Ad magic – I created an ad for Facets today and because I’ve limited it to this blog post – you get to take advantage of it.  Thanks for reading and get in touch!

Holly Colson