[3] SEO Tactics You Can Put In Place Today

To ensure that your search engine results page is numero uno, there are some simple site optimization tactics that you can put into practice today. Begin with a quick site audit. It is important to gain an understanding of your site's current position and conceptualize your SEO strategy so that you can create a road-map for digital marketing & SEO improvement. Try using these top three tricks:

1. Boost Site Speed. You don't get stars from Google for having an uberfast site - but you do get penalized for being a slow loader. A great tool to use to take a look at your site is GTMetrics.com . Their insights provide actual measurements of your site speed, others are only analyzing your code.

3. Keywords, Keywords, Keywords. Its not just about location these days (unless we are talking SERP), today it's all about your keywords. Search traffic has the highest percentage of all traffic on the web.  According to a study done by Similar Web Data, social media routes about 5% of web traffic while search engines are responsible for 29%. WOW. Think of your keyword dictionary as a first born child. You must create it, feed it, protect it and help it grow. If you have yet to experience the miracle of life, try using SEMRush. 

3. Write amazing content. Now that you have a swanky new keyword dictionary, put it to use by developing content that utilizes those words in the title, the page detail and within the content - but be careful to avoid 'stuffing' them in places where they don't belong. 


Holly Colson