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From the first to the last, all impressions matter; make sure yours encompasses all of the elements required to be successful. We love listening to your challenges and working with you to develop non-standard solutions. Each of our projects is unique, in accordance with the expectations and needs of our customers, a few select works include:

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creating an industry standard

Promoted the worldwide adoption of the Standardized Headset Identification System through the development of educational presentations, online tools, direct mail pieces, print advertising, posters, product sampling, events and press releases.  SHIS is now an industry standard for headset measurement. **While an employee of Cane Creek Cycling Components.

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search engine optimization

Performed an SEO Site Audit which combined site speed review, keyword dictionary development, content generation & technical adjustments to improve the SEO and search engine results page for Havelock Wool. 

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Developed and executed on a business development strategy to secure new distribution channels globally. Facets worked with an in-house team to identify & survey targets, create a global sales plan, build a CRM system, develop a digital collateral package and an on boarding project management tool. 


mobile application

By leveraging a mobile platform, riders were able to effectively interact with Cane Creek's suspension product and remove the barrier of entry created by its high level of sophisticated engineering.  *



Facets has developed and is executing on a full strategic marketing plan for the ALPEN bike storage capsule to be released in 2018. Elements of this plan include target market identification, a proactive public relations program, social media plan, website SEO management, content strategy, marketing budget and calendar. 

trade shows

We have experience combining design, exposure and personal interaction to create an opportunity to connect with customers and gain industry insight on a domestic and international level.

B2B Commerce

Having user-friendly product information at your fingertips is critical for the distribution of collateral, exchange of engineering documentation, sales information, and service center instructional resources.  *

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Targeted influential consumers to gain market exposure and increase sales through word of mouth marketing, digital platforms and social media. Created online community (The Lounge) for product owners, testing platform for applicants and brand ambassador package (DB Influencer). 

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rider support program

A customer care program that supported customers on the B2B and the B2C level to develop and retain Cane Creek's most valued relationships. *